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photographer, artist, poet


Marie Le Gall is a Europe-based photographer, always on the go. She is born on the west coast of France in 1994. She moved to different places such as Tahiti, Morrocco, the United States, Belarus, and other French cities, every two or three years throughout her childhood.

Growing up surrounded by various cultures, environments, and people, her photography mainly questions the relationship between people and places. Both her visuals and written works explore themes of passages, such as time and space, identity, and home, womanhood, intimacy, and mental health, through intimate portraiture, and documentary photography, in the hopes of destigmatizing topics surroundings the naked human body and mind. Whatever the photography series in which she works, she wants to share human stories in a poetic and authentic way. She also works as a photographer for fashion brands and assists other photographers. Her work has been published in magazines such as Fisheye, Vogue Italia, Iconic Magazine, Lomography Magazine, C-Heads, Sola Journal, and y35mag and has been exhibited in France and in the US.

Marie (Les Habitants), 2022 © Valérie Jouve / ADAGP, Vélizy-Villacoublay, 2022.

Courtesy de la galerie Xippas, Paris.

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Camille -  Soho Photo Gallery 

New York, US - 2023

embody - ImageNation - Gallery Joseph - Le palais

Paris, France - 2022

Minsk: in-between - Sorbonne University

Paris, France - September - November 2017

Robert - Festival Promenades Photographiques (Campus Photographique)
Vendôme, France - 
June - September 2017


Sola Journal

March 2023

Analog Magazine

March 2023

Iconic Magazine

Dec. 2022

Fisheye Le Magazine

Coup de Cœur #406

Sept. 2022

Lomography Magazine

"La beauté brute des corps par Marie Le Gall"

Sept. 2022

Photovogue - Vogue Italia

44 publications, 18 Best OF, 1 Pic of the Day

July 2022 Magazine (digital)

Publications - series "Jeanne" 
June 2022

C-Heads Magazine (digital)

Publications - series "Shams" 
May 2022


Claudie Pierlot


Radio France - France Culture

Author, producer, and host

"Tchat Sexe" is a 52-minute program exploring the relationship between sex and digital

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