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Camille, France, 2022

color negative film


Pearl paper

The sizes are:

  • 18x24cm (7x9")
  • 24x32cm (9x12")

It will be printed on a Hanemühle Pearl paper 310G/m2 paper.


Prints will not be framed or mounted.



Each print order will come with a personal handwritten note.

The artwork will be shipped properly. Be extra careful while manipulating the prints, especially the Fine Art ones as the paper is matt.

If Customs Duty is payable to your territory, you'll be responsible for paying it to the authorities.


Please be aware that from ordering the print it will take some time to get it ready and to be shipped. It can take up to 20 days.

For a special, faster delivery get in touch with me:


PriceFrom 80,00 €
Excluding VAT
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